Job hunting advice that will get you noticed, appreciated
and hired by the right employer.

There’s no question that looking for work can be daunting. But what’s most likely holding you back from getting that much-desired job offer may not be a matter of your skills or experience, but how you seem to potential employers.

When I ask employers why they didn’t hire the last ten people they interviewed, employers revealed that it was behaviors people exhibited before, during, and after interviews -- that led them to say, “No.” Simply put, they concluded: If you act like this now, you'll act like this on the job.

Based on candid insights from real-life employers, this book will help you influence the people in charge of hiring. You’ll learn how to make a positive and genuine impression, demonstrate what type of employee you’ll be, and remove all doubt that you’ll be that elusive “good fit” for the company.

Featuring a list of “15 Things You Should Never Do” and "15 Things You Should Never Talk About or Say," my book reveals what you may be doing or saying that could be getting in the way of your being hired. Whether you're right out of school or a seasoned professional, this book will give you the strategies you need to get noticed, appreciated and hired by the right employer.

What Readers Say

    About This Is How To Get
    Your Next Job:

  • "I was very impressed with the information in your latest book, 'This is How to Get Your Next Job.' As a currently unemployed person, I've read many, many books on interview techniques, how to market yourself, etc. I found your idea that people hire potential employees based on how they 'seem' a new idea that I hadn't considered before. Thanks again for all the tips, Andrea!"
    --Elizabeth, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
  • "Don't be misled by the title "This is How to Get Your Next Job," because it's more than that. It delivers on that title, with a refreshingly optimistic and intensely practical guide to getting employed, even in THESE tough times. Then it adds a bonus: Kay's guide to KEEPING that job and building on it. I read the book with my daughter - fresh out of college - in mind. I'll make sure she gets a copy; then I'll make sure she GETS it. But I found myself making mental notes about my own career, and seeing ways to recalculate the course. Kay's style is humane, conversational, and jargon-free. She's hired!"
    --G. L. Rothman
  • "…in this helpful book, she shows you what to do to put yourself front-and-center in an employer's mind and his resume pile…Because it's filled with dozens of illustrative anecdotes from employers willing to share their experiences, this book is really quite entertaining. I spent lots of time being amazed that people really do the kinds of things Kay mentions, and laughing. These cautionary tales fit well in this book and nicely prove her 'tell and show' advice. This book is great for new grads, the newly unemployed, new career searchers and anybody who needs a job soon. If that's you, then 'This Is How To Get Your Next Job' will help, no doubt."
    --Business book reviewer,
    Terri Schlichenmeyer
  • (Attention librarians):
    "Any collection strong in job searching skills needs this!"
    --The California Bookwatch
  • "Andrea’s book speaks truths that I have emphasized for years, but here they are in a different voice. A lovely and knowledgeable voice...Andrea writes about the job interview with far greater depth than I did in my book—or most other books on this subject. She writes with authority...Andrea has constructed a thoughtful, effective series of strategies that will benefit every job-hunter."
    --Richard Bolles, author of the bestseller, What Color Is Your Parachute?
  • "[An] insightful job-hunting book….This book should help give job seekers an edge over the competition."
    --Publishers Weekly
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  • "Thank you for your book This Is How to Get Your Next Job!! I read it the weekend before my first ever interview. Thanks to the skills I learned, I absolutely blew away the competition and was offered the position in less than 24 hours. I am a career military firefighter wrapping up 22 years of service and entering the civilian workforce for the first time. I know I would have bombed that interview had I not read it. Thanks so much!!"
    --Reader in Alaska
  • "…short snappy chapters make the book a delight to read, and the lessons a joy to learn, making the book a must for any jobseeker. I highly recommend the real world employer advice-based book This Is How to Get Your Next Job: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want by Andrea Kay, to any employment seekers looking for a clear and practical guide for what to do and what to stop doing when on a job interview... this book will transform you into a person who employers can't wait to hire."
    --Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World
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  • The Dallas Morning News reviews 'This Is How to Get Your Next Job'
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  • "I found much valuable information about errors to avoid, actions to take and attitudes to embrace to shorten and improve one's job hunt. I will recommend this to my clients…USE it; don't just read it. It could be one of your most valuable job-search tools this time around."
    --Debra O'Reilly
    20-year veteran resume writer and job search coach
  • ""I recently read your latest book, and wanted to thank you sincerely for writing it. I learned a lot from your book, and it was very easy to read in the way you presented all the information. I am going to share this book with my family and friends and I believe that they will benefit from reading it."
    --JoAnne, Philadelphia
  • "A concise, handy advice guide that can help job seekers everywhere."
    --Library Journal
  • "Kay provides a wealth of information for job seekers. She goes into great detail for each and ever tip she shares. Her conversational style indicates a passion to help, and her years of experience shine through from the first page to the last…I've been looking for a job..I can honestly say that I felt more confident going into my last interview after reading this book…after leaving…I knew I did better than before. I have a follow up interview scheduled for next week…This Is How To Get Your Next Job can provide the tools you need to help mold your interview style so you more successfully relay to potential employers what you want them to know about you and how you can be of value to them."
    The Book Connection
  • "This is a really valuable tool for people who are looking for work, looking to change or get a promotion; even people who are happy in their jobs can learn a thing or two."
    --Vicki St. Clair
    KKNW Radio
  • "If you are a Job Seeker -- whether a soon-to-graduate student or a professional looking for the next step in your career path -- you need to get this brand new book by Andrea Kay, job-search rockstar author…No kidding, the book - "This is How to Get Your Next Job" - is worth way more than the time/money it takes to buy and read it!
    --Judy Jennings Thompson
    American Advertising Federation/Cincinnati
  • "A great book for employers as well as interviewees."
    --Blue Heron Journal
  • "I’m pretty sure 8 out of 10 of you might need to read this book, if not for immediate use, to go into the next chapter of your career with gusto…some amazing career advice."
    --Ms. Career Girl
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Author of
What Color is Your Parachute? says
"This book is a gift. So buy it. Read it. Use it. Please."

“…Andrea has constructed a thoughtful, effective series of strategies that will benefit every job-hunter who reads this book. I think this kind of depth was always needed on the subject of the job interview, but now more than ever, in today’s tough economy. This book is a gift. So, buy it. Read it. Use it. Please.”

-- From the book’s foreword, by Richard N. Bolles

Wonder why you didn't get that job?

  • Why employers may not be hiring you
  • Why they'd hire you over someone else
  • How to stand out from everyone else before, during and after an interview
  • What Steve Jobs looked for in the people he hired
  • How Google decides whether to hire someone
  • Why experience is nice, but overrated
  • What you should never do, talk about and wear
  • What matters most to employers
  • What to never do once you get your new job or in your career-ever
  • Take my "Would you hire you?" Test to find out what you're doing wrong, right—and specifically what you need to change to grab and keep an employers attention and prove you're the right person for the job. I promise it will make you think!

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